Born to Run

Today is October 28th 2011 and the first major snow storm in the east. Just as most people, I doubted the weatherman and hit the road. I’d been in Carlstadt NJ for the week on business having to stay over the weekend with nothing to do. I know most people would head down to Manhattan but I wasnt going to tackle that city. I got lost enough during the week just trying to get to work and back. I figured a drive away from the city would be easier.

I decided to visit the legendary house that Bruce Springsteen wrote most of the Born to Run album. Its just a house, but to a fan its cool to see the actual spot he worked out the tunes. I love his songwriting and had to see where he was so inspired.

According to the Born to Run documentary, Bruce said he wrote it on piano in the front room of this 800 square foot house. The house is about 15 minutes from Asbury Park in the town of Long Branch, NJ. The home was sold a few years ago for just over 220k. Here are a few shots of the house and the beach just a block away.

Born to Run House- Long Branch NJ

The choppy waters a block away.