Pro Tools 8

Well I finally did it and upgraded my Pro Tools Mbox. I had bought the original back in 2004 when it was Pro Tools LE 5 or 6. They have made a few versions since then and are currently on version 9. Unfortunately that is for Windows 7 and my current desktop runs XP so I bought the lastest Mbox (3 Mini) which came with PT LE 8 and a ton of new plugins. From the reviews it appears the versions 8 and 9 are not to different so I am more then happy with version 8. I only had one issue in upgrading and that was finding out I needed to uninstall my old version first. When I first launched PT I was prompted for authorizations to each plugin. I knew that was wrong so after an uninstall and reinstall everything worked perfectly.

Now on to the new look and plugins. At first I didn’t care for the new look until I started to dig in and create music. The layout is similar to Logics black and grey look and MACish. One of the coolest tings is the midi editor. I can snap it below the tracks and scroll along with each bar in real time viewing multiple midi tracks at one time. Very convieniant.
My favorite plug in is Vacuum, an analog styled soft synth. The sounds are very 70s 80s moogish monosynth sounding. I am still trying to dial in some favorites sounds from Rush, Genesis or the Cars but I have found plenty of cool sounds.


I recently bought a new HP i5 Desktop for PT and the difference in performance has been great!!