About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting my site.

My hope with this site is to share the knowledge I have gained from 25+ years of playing guitar. Through trial and error I have taught myself mostly from books, CD’s, and recently a few videos. Some of them were very helpful and I learned a lot. While others left me confused with bad habits or simply discouraged that I could never possibly be “good enough”. So with that I want create a site exposing the bad habits to avoid and break down the things that seemed so impossible when I began playing. I will start with blues music , old and new, progress into rock, and how to turn ideas into songs. Now I am NOT a songwriter but I have been working on it despite avoiding it for decades. Its a hard process for me and many others as I have found out by combing the web. I love it and hate it, but I need to do it. In the up coming lessons I want to show the process I use to over come some of the negative reactions most of us have while writing and crank out some music. It may be crap! But I hope it will help you move forward as much as its helping me by creating them. The goal is to keep trying and eventually become happy with your own playing and writing.

So thanks again for reading and please let me know what I can do to make the site better.



I am a self loathing narcisist with a signature dry reverberated tone!

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