Fixing Broken Reverb -Marshall DSL 50 head

I recently purchased a used Marshall DSL 50 watt head off ebay. Everything looked good and it sounded great but the reverb was not working. Apparently the seller did not notice this or lied but either way it did not work. I was pretty bummed and didnt want to send it back losing all the shipping costs so I sought out a repair service. After emailing a few guys I found it would cost anywhere from 75 to 100 for the repair. They figured it was a bad Reverb Tank a new tank would be about 50 bucks plus labor. With Christmas coming up the last thing I wanted was to shell out money so I took it apon myself to open up the head. On the bottom of the heads are 4 screws to removed the chassis from the cabinet. You will also have to unplug the RCA cables from the reverb tank to the chassis. Once that was out I unscrewed the 4 screws holding the reverb to the cabinet and flipped it over. Immediately i saw the problem, 1 green wired was broken on the input side of the tank. Some how it had just snapped. I found a picture of the Accutronics Tank on the web and tried to point to were the break happened. The clap or whatever you call it that holds the wire is like a jaw with teeth. I had to use a pin to slide out the old piece of wire and then slide in the new wire. The little metal teeth are the contact points so make sure you push the wire in deep enough to cut for contact. Put it all back together and “viola” it worked. My reverb was fixed all for nothing!! 😀

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