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Gary’s playing from this 2008 release is full of classic British blues licks and phrases. Much like Eric Clapton and Peter Green, Gary listened, copied, and made the old American blues licks his own. His attack is never subtle and within a few notes you can tell its Gary. He has done what every player should strive for and thats create a unique voice on the guitar.

The song is in the key of A and follows a Quick Change 12 bar structure while Gary riffs in a few scales adding blue notes and tension. I feel he uses the Blues, Dorian, and Mixolydian scales or just the first two with a chordie riff. I will explain more in a minute. First lets look at the chords and scales.





Blues – Dorian – Mixolydian –


Now if you are not familiar with a “Quick Change” blues check out this section below for a quick tutorial or go here for more on basic blues structures.

A quick change means it jumps to the IV chord in the second measure and back to the root chord for the third measure.  See the example below:


A (I) D (IV) A (I) A (I)
D (IV) D (IV) A (I) A (I)
E (V) D (IV) A (I) E (V)


In a standard 12 bar blues you would hang on the root longer before going to the IV chord. See the example below:


12 BAR  
A (I) A (I) A (I) A (I)
D (IV) D (IV) A (I) A (I)
E (V) D (IV) A (I) E (V)

Song Structure-

The main structure is held by the bass and keys while Gary accents with licks in a singing/playing style. I will transcribe those parts in part two of this lesson. For now we will work on the intro solo.

Gary’s solo style is aggressive and very articulate. In watching many videos and close ups of his fretting hand. I noticed he uses his middle finger almost exclusively on the 3rd (G) and 2nd strings while hammering on and pulling off. I feel this is one reason why he had such a powerful attack during his fast runs.  If you pinch your middle finger and thumb together you will notice you have much more pressure than your ring and thumb.

The first lick begins on the “(4) e & a” of the first bar and cuts off the previous beats in the recording. This way the first double stop bend is on “1” of the next measure. I know there is a name for this but it escapes me and doesn’t matter. Just count it off hitting the “e” beat on the underlined beat below.

Counting 16th notes in a measure.

| 1 e & a   2 e & a   3 e & a   4 e & a |

After the first double stop bends, Gary does a descending lick down the Am Blues scale. To play this fret your index finger across the 1&2 strings so your ring finger hits the 8th fret and your middle lands on the 7th fret 3rd string to do the bend/release. From looking at the videos this is Gary’s normal hand position for a minor scale lick. The index finger anchoring the first two strings lets your hand pivot easily for a flurry of hammer on pull offs across the top 3 strings. I used to try and do it with my ring finger but found my hand would tire quickly so I can see the benefit of using the stronger middle finger.

The next set of licks is up in the D position at the 10th fret. Again anchor that index finger and use the ring and middle like you just did. You may have a little stretch for the C note at the 13th fret (ring finger), but your middle will be right there on the 11th fret for the major 3rd note of a D Major chord. You may also notice your hand shape is right there for a D Major Chord shape.







By the 8th bar Gary re-positions at the 5th fret or the A position for some A 7 licks.

Here is the intro played by myself and a backing track below that to practice on. I made it in the same walking bass style and comped some simple chords on guitar and keys.

The rest of the transcription is coming soon. 😀

Example of the Intro.

      1. Someday baby intro lead

Simple Backing Track to play over.

      2. BackingTrackSomeday


Here is the full PDF tab Gary Moore – Someday baby Tab and GPX file for Guitar Pro 6.
If you would like to donate $3 for all my hard work you can click the buy now.

Thanks 😀 








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  1. supermandelapc
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    My English is not very good. How do I download the track “Backing track Someday Baby”?
    Thank you!

    • Sweeps
      July 28, 2013 at 9:53 am

      Hi, I changed the plug in so you can download now. Thanks for noticing and checking out my site. I hope you like it.

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      It might be your browser. If you click the song link, a download button appears. I had no problem downloading on multiple PC’s and in IE or FireFox.

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    I paid for the Gary Moore “Someday Baby” thru PayPal how do I get the download pdf file

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      Its free on the page. The buy now is for a donation which I did get. Thank You very much! I hope the tab was useful.

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