Holding on – Gary Moore

I was sitting here messing with itunes when this tune came on and I thought I would figure out the basics for a posting. Its a nice bluesy ballad with a solo in Am Pentatonic  or C major Pentatonic.


Holding On 

Album- Bad For You Baby
-Gary Moore-

Chords – F C G G#Dim7 Am

Riff –



Intro – F C (Riffx4)

Verse – F C (Riffx4)

Chorus – Am G F D Am G Riff


Bridge – G G#dim7 Am G F

Solo – (Verse Section)


Outro – (Verse Section)

In case you do not know the chord.



1 comment for “Holding on – Gary Moore

  1. jose
    June 23, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    Great tune. 😀

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