22 Jun 2009

So my New Years resolution was to lose weight. Boring! Im sure its the biggest resolution each year and 95% fail with in the first 2 weeks. Im proud to say I havent. Since January I have lost 25lbs and only missed 3 workouts. Not bad if i say so myself. Still I have a ways to go. I think the first 20 was pretty easy but the rest is coming off slowly. I have learned to track my food by Calories, Fat, Carbs, and Protein. I use a site called Spark People. Its free to join and is one of the better tracking sites in my opinion. I tried Fit Day but didnt care for it. SP keeps a better database of foods i think. Anyway, the trick is finding the right ratio of Fat, Carb, Proteins for your body to lose weight. The general guideline is 40p/40c/20f  but I like to have a little more Protein then 40. Im more like 60p/20c/20f. Todays weight in is 223lbs and my short goal is 217 by July 15th. If i come up short then I need to reduce my calories some more. Right now Im at 2,300 a day which is about right for my weight. Maybe a little high though. The formula is, Weight x 10 = Maintenance Calories and 500cal less to lose weight. I keep it a little high because I dont want to lose muscle while I cut down. My old (3 weeks ago) calorie intake was 2,800 and who knows what it was last winter. Probably 4,000 when you add in beer. Still I may have to drop it more but for now its a test to find the best number. We will see.

20 Jun

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“There is no failure; only feedback. You don’t “fail”, you only get results.”

-Tom Venuto

7 Jun 2009


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I thought I would keep a log on my workout regiment. I had one before but lost it when my site crashed.

  • BSN N.O. Xplode & Cellmass

For the past 2 months I have been taking 2 BSN products. The first is Nitric Oxide Xplode.  Its a powder you mix with water and drink about 30 minutes before a workout. All i can say is WOW! THis stuff has really helped me focus in the gym.There is no energy buzz or side effects. Just a great pump in the muscles worked and really good focus on the exercise.

Cellmass is a creatine sup that i take at night. Again its a powder and it helps with recovery. I find i am less sore and my muscles are getting harder. My weight has stayed the same but my lifting has gone up. I have easily added 10lbs per exercise.

Dont expect to lose weight on either since that comes down to nutrition. Again there is no magic pill out there.

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